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Unicycle Impact Athmos Black/White
19 Inch/387mm

Starting at: 435,00 €

362 reward points

Unicycle Impact Athmos Black/White 20 Inch/387mm

A good unicycle to begin Flat Unicycle (made by previous Trial World Champion Yoggi). A fork round strong. Better than previous versions. A really good unicycle for learner.

The ATHMOS unicycle is especialy dedicated for flat riders. Sharp and balanced, this unicycle will help Flatland riders to improve their level and will follow them with their progress.

• Wheel size: 387mm (20 Inch)
• Color: Black
• Frame: Impact Athmos Trial Frame, aluminum
• Saddle: Impact Athmos Seat
• Seat post: 27.2mm Seat Post, steel, 300mm, black
• Seat clamp: 1-Bolt Impact Clamp
• Tire: Tyre Nimbus 'Cyko-Lite' 20 x 2.5 Inch (65-387)
• Valve: Schrader Valve
• Rim: Impact Double Walled Rim with extra Holes Black or White
• Hub: Impact ISIS Hub, 36 holes, white
• Cranks: Impact 140mm CrMo Cranks
• Pedals: Impact aluminum Pedals
• Number of Spokes: 36
• Weight: 5.7kg


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