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Disc Brake Magura MT6 Storm SL with Disc Rotor Storm SL 160mm for Unicycle

269,00 €

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Complete disc brake fully equipped for bike and unicycle!

The MT6 resume outline our upscale the MT8 but in a less expensive version with its aluminum lever . Aside from this it is the only brake master cylinder carbon market in Carbotecture while maintaining the characteristics of the MT8 , namely provide a brake that will fit all and all practices, the XC descent through the electric bike .
Power and progressive appointments are also lightweight and reliability while providing extreme durability of the product with the use of carbon materials as design with handles brakes Carbotecture .

What more if it is only the tightness of Magura is guaranteed for 5 years

  • Master cylinder Carbotecture SL with carbon fiber injected
  • Clamp and lever Aluminium
  • Lever "feel" developed by specialists in ergonomics
  • Setting custody
  • Performance magnetic pads that do not require spring
  • Monobloc Caliper machined
  • Brakes Flip Flop , no left side / right front / rear or pair
  • Mineral Oil eco responsible Royal blood
  • Compatible
  • use Tandem
  • Available with discs Magura Storm SL and adapters ( sizes to be specified when ordering . )
  • Weight 310g (with 140mm discs , the entire length of screws and front brake hose )

Carbotecture SL : Magura invented Carbotecture ® . It is a thermoplastic injection process EXCLUSIVE incorporating carbon fibers. This material is ultra -light , ultra- rigid , ultra- strong and has been specifically developed / constraints of the exclusive brake handles , injection is a finite element ( FEM) that is to say, fibers atoms are oriented to the injection in order to optimize their properties according to the zone of the handle constraints . In addition to its properties, Carbotecture ® because of its technicality allows the production of parts with tight tolerances ( warranty seal ) with high quality and steady even for a very large number of pieces

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