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18 Inches (355mm)

New Products For December - 18 Inches (355mm)

18 Inches (355mm)

Unicycle for Children/for Kids 18 Inch(355mm)

The unicycle is learned very young at the age of 5 to 6 years, and for 3 years with the help of parents.

There are three sizes of unicycles for children:

  • The 12-inch model, for children 3 to 5 years (or length 1.25m)
  • The 16-inch model for children 6 years old (or 1.25m-1.54m height)
  • The 18-inch model for children 8 years (or 1.40m-1.60m height)

12"  -   16"  -  


Unicycle Only One 18 Inch/355mm

Unicycle Only One
18 Inch/355mm

Only One is the entry brand of Qu-ax Unicycles - So you'll get a good quality unicycle for less money! • Wheel size: 18" • Color:...
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129,00 €
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Unicycle Luxus Qu-ax 18 Inch/355mm

Unicycle Luxus Qu-ax
18 Inch/355mm

The Qu-ax with the best price-performance ratio! Very good for beginners and advancer. • Wheel size: 18" • Color: Blue • Frame:...
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159,00 €
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New Products For December - Unicycle

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