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July Unicycle Workshop - Lesson for Beginner - Learn to rider - from 10:00-17:00

Starting at: 68,17 €

68 reward points

Course to learn the unicycle.
Ideal for beginners. Lessons of unicycle for beginner to learn Unicycle, but also to learn tricks (intermediate level)
All the basics to learn how to ride on a Unicycle.

  • Good positions,
  • Advice to continue by yourself,
  • Lessons in group to be more motivated,
  • Personalized advice to progress more quickly.

This Unicycle Course/Training gives you a support to learn unicycle faster by yourself.
Everything you need to start well your unicycle learning !

(Unicycle Lesson-Courses available to everyone !)

Unicycle Courses are given in Grande Place at Bussy Saint Georges near Paris. (France)

Grande Place de Bussy :
Rue du Général de Gaulle
Rue Konrad Audenauer – Boulevard Antoine Giroust
77600 Bussy Saint Georges

Agrandir le plan

How do I determine my level:

  • You do not know ride -> You are a beginner.
  • You know roll forward, backward, make small jumps, the iddling, 1 foot(pedal), the wheel walk, stand-up, the seat drag, and spin, you are in Expert / Advanced.
  • You know how to ride but don't know all the tricks above -> You're Intermediate.

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