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Desire to learn ? Unicycle courses take place every year on the 1st weekend of July over 1 day at 79 € or 3 days at 179 €(place or accommodation included) near Paris and the Unicycle Mentor program takes place throughout the year in remote video from 99 € per school year every Saturday afternoon at 6 p.m. on Zoom.

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Warning ! Our shop is now closed!

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Shipping & Returns

Europe :

The shipping cost for Europe are around 20 euros only !
Shipping Price Weight
1 Kg
16.74 Euros
2 Kg 17.64 Euros
3 Kg 18.50 Euros
4 Kg 19 Euros
5 Kg 20.30 Euros
6 Kg 21 Euros

Worldwide(Countries outside Europe):

For the rest of World please refer to our estimation shipping module (see below). If you can not find your country please do not hesitate to contact us

How to make a quote on our site?

  • Create an account on the website
  • Place a New order Place a new order by selecting as the delivery method "Estimate". (A "pre-order" will be created and will only processing the payment.)
  • Print a quote by clicking on "Print Quote" after confirming your quote.
Notes: Warning! All estimate/quote requests are made by internet via the website as usual by selecting the payment mode "Quote/Estimate".
No order or package are leaving our warehouse without payment in advance. Also, specifications validated by "Check/Bank Transfer" are taken into account only when the payments were made.(Your order will go into treatment)

For changes of payment method, place a new order with payment Mode: "Credit Card" for fast delivery. (your previous order remained pending, will simply be ignored)

How do I know my shipping cost exactly ?

The delivery costs are calculated based on the weight of your order
To have an estimate,

  • Add your products in your Shopping Cart
  • And click on "Estimate shipping" to estimate your shipping costs ! (the button is located in your Shopping Cart)

What are the delivery times ?

  • Unicycles from all major brands are delivered within 48 hours from 2 weeks. (Only-One, Qu-ax, KH, Impact, UDC, Kahero, Nimbus, etc) (Specify when ordering if you want to be delivered more quickly!)
  • The unicycle-spares are delivered within 15 days. (times may vary depending on the origin of the articles, please contact us for more information)

What is the shipping cost for overseas ?

Shipping to foreign Countries, everything depends on the Country and the weight of the items. We will only Bill you for the actual costs of our partners. Please Note that there will be some additional weight for packaging.

The shipping price for Antilles islands (Guyana, Jamaica, Haiti, etc.), and others islands like Madagascar, New-Zealand, etc. is not guaranted as we should studies shipping price for each destinations.
In this case, please contact us to by mail to discuss how we can work together.

Can I pick my products in your Store

Of course ! We will be happy to help you in your choice :)

You can pickup items in our store: - The Unicycle Shop
28 rue de Ferrières
77600 Bussy St Georges

If you would like to pickup your items please mail us for a Appointment

Bring to Events:

You can also bring your items to Unicycle Events when we are here

Please send us a mail in this case.

Funicycle - The Unicycle for You !
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