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Pogo Stick Jump TK8 BIG AIR

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Pogo Stick Jump TK8 BIG AIR

The TK8 BIG AIR is from 14 or 55 Kg to 110 Kg

New thrills through TK8 BIG AIR!

The TK8 SIBO AIR allows teenagers and adults over 55kg quickly take pleasure in realizing many figures: get high, perform a variety of tricks (figures) extreme, grinder (drag) on ​​the walls ... briefly, what fun and reinvent every day new figures, in the countryside or in the city!
And, of course, they develop their health capital, doing cardio work, balance and all the muscles!


Designed and made in France! Raw materials are selected with requirement, and come from France and Austria. Each piece is manufactured by TK8 to ensure reliability. This gives you the best Pogostick.


The TK8 BIG AIR allows for higher jumps to 2.5 meters, but its air propulsion system can adapt to the level of each user: simply adjust the air pressure. We recommend a pressure of 3 to 6.5 bar.

The user can start inflating the BIG AIR 3.5 and bars can try the device and add or deflate the air following the spring produced by the air pressure is too hard or not hard enough.

Different materials were used to combine strength and lightness. The TK8 BIG AIR thus has a weight of about 4 kg to facilitate the figures and tricks. For example, the footrest is designed with an alloy of resin and fiberglass both lightweight and extremely durable.


It is possible to increase the performance of TK8 BIG AIR, removing one of the two rubber dampers, inside the tube.

Wearing of helmet recommended ! (Find on our website)

- The TK8 is FUN for children from 30 kg to 60 kg and adults for fitness.
- The TK8 BIG AIR is when with him an air model from 14 years / 50 kg to over 100 kg for extreme sensations: jumps over 3m! (4 color choices).

Generally, the TK8 BIG AIR is much larger,
One can easily jump very high (and it may even be dangerous very quickly if we do not control,)
Moreover, progressing in the level you can then "tweak" a little more and put more pressure and take off much earlier.
Again attention to accidents, (always wear a helmet and protections) and still going slowly. (An ejection from one side to the other of the street is quickly happened if it was the wrong position or direction during the return jump). A master learning alternately gradually.

The TK8 BIG AIR is 1.35m high and 50cm wide.
The TK8 Fun fact 1m10 by 40cm wide.

The spring zone is 50cm on the AIR BIG and only 35cm on the FUN.
It depends again use.

The BIG AIR is more for adults, or at least young confirmed. And large enough. It allows to jump over cars or emjamber big stairs.
Fun is for the Weekend and children. In relaxation mode.

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