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Rental Solowheel - Personal Transporter gyro stabilized electric unicycle with motorized wheel

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Solowheel Rental



The Solowheel is the lightest (11 kg), more compact, more reliable and more fun Personnel Carrier (Personal Mover) ever invented. This is the lightest motor vehicle for adults. This new electric unicycle patented gyro stabilized. Compact and more fun to drive a electric bike, Solowheel gives you the thrill of skiing safely. Solowheel consists of a motorized wheel, and two foldable footrest, gyroscopic sensors, a controller and a battery.


  • Wheel Size: 16 "x 2.125"
  • Average speed between 12 and 16 km/h
  • Maximum load: 113 kg
  • Autonomy: 15 km (possible variation depending on terrain) - Refill and braking on downhill
  • Brakes: Brake induction motor (dynamo)
  • Motor: Quiet - no gears, direct on the wheel, no friction
  • Battery: 45 min to 1 hour charge
  • Charger: Included - 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz - 1500W - Supports U.S.
  • Weight: 11 kg Warranty: 1 year


  • Lean slightly forward to move forward and tilt back slightly to slow down or stop.
  • Starting: foot is wedged between a foot and the calf against the red foam
  • Traffic on wet or rain without difficulty


  • The platform is always horizontal, inclined slightly depending on your speed
  • The inclination to horizontal and vary the speed absolutely not, whether you are mounted high or steep descent


  • One hour divided into one or more sessions
  • Through self balancing front/rear, it is only a lateral balance it is to find such a simple cycle Early regret the absence of some handlebars to help keep. But at the fourth session of 15 minutes, we see more interest. Learning is much simpler, and use much less dangerous than conventional unicycle pedals (since it is not self balanced front to back unlike Solowheel) Casters training or a simple barrier can learn quickly Everyone can learn, learning is as simple as cycling

    Unmatched reliability

    The same vehicle composition and quality manufacturing are the most reliable engine ever created. No friction piece unlike bikes or scooters (brake pads, brake shoes drum), only two joints with magnets closed to block the pedals, plastic foams and extremely strong, threads braked. If it works at first boot, it will run for 10 000 to 15 000 km before any change in battery.

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